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To offer clients fast and cost-effective help we have created some ready-to-book packages. Most of our clients come to us for help in a crisis or at a growth juncture, our packages are designed to get you expert help as quickly as possible at these critical points for a fair price.


For bigger challenges, longer missions might be appropriate. While we currently do not offer full-time consultants through our platform, we can arrange for longer-term strategic guidance. 

As a growing company, you might not need a full-time Digital Transformation Expert, but someone very experienced who develops the strategy with you and then works with your business a few days a month for a year to support your implementation.

Here are some of the topics we can guide you in:

- Strategy Development

- Business Model Innovation 

- Pivoting your business

- Founder to CEO, the transition from doer to leader

- Business Culture 

- Process Implementation 

- Digital Transformation 

Please contact us for a discussion if you want a customized quote. 


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