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Running a business you and your team probably have a good idea of what you should be doing to bring your company to the next level. However, competing priorities can make it challenging to know what to eliminate and where to focus. When looking for advice, getting truly objective opinions from within your own network is almost impossible. Independent experts allow for fresh pairs of eyes to bring new perspectives. But how to gain access to those experts? This is where Growth Squad Consulting comes into play. 


You get senior executives where their input makes the biggest impact, leveraging their vast experience and knowledge of global best practices. Smaller businesses have a need for highly skilled experts to support in niche or specialized areas, however, have neither the workload nor the budget to hire them full time. We help you meet this need, working with you to develop targeted solutions for the issues you may be facing; this is also cost-efficient.

Our highly skilled and effective business consultants have established and grown businesses, as well as worked with International MNCs including Fortune 5 companies.

As working senior executives and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand your needs and our knowledge is absolutely up-to-date.  


We believe effective consulting has to be available to businesses of all sizes, not just Billion Dollar companies. We see the future of consulting as providing short bursts of specific work that can be delivered in weeks during times of specific need: in a crisis, during succession planning, before a growths spurt.

In many cases, you don’t need a huge consulting team working for a year on your strategy. Young companies and SME’s need a small team of highly capable people who collect and digest your relevant data and then work with you on a practical, actionable plan that you and your team can realistically implement yourself.

The team we assemble for you we call your Squad, composed of a Squad Leader and a blend of Subject Matter Experts.


 We deliver actionable solutions for immediate change. Our sessions and results are available to you in a matter of weeks instead of months, and we have pre-selected packages you can book straight away here. If you need us for a longer mission contact us here.

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We specialize in working with founder-led companies with 5-200 employees that are at a pivotal point in their company development. 

The businesses are usually at least 2 years in operation, basic structures are in place, the company has clients and is generating revenue. 

While our short burst packages are suitable for all industries, we generally work with firms that sell physical products and operate less in tech or service orientated businesses. 



Founding Partner - Squad Master Strategy

Carisa is a serial Entrepreneur and our Strategy Expert. She is a business all-rounder with extensive experience building, growing, and changing companies.  She knows first hand the challenges of starting and scaling a business. Business model innovation and pivoting companies is her special interest, a skill she just successfully used to pivot one of her own companies during the covid crisis. She is all about focusing on what truly matters and pragmatic, actionable plans shooting for the stars. She holds an Executive MBA from Essec-Mannheim Business School. 

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Partner - Squad Master Digital Transformation

Neil is our Digital Transformation Expert. He is enthusiastic about how technology innovation can disrupt the status quo and drive digital transformation. His specialty is translating business requirements into a digital landscape, a super-power he has put into action for companies like The Sands Corporation, Morgan Stanley, Rio Tinto, BHP and many more. In his early career, he served as a Consultant for Accenture and Gartner. 

He is currently an advisor for a logistics blockchain start-up and is the co-owner of two companies. Neil's passion is motorsports and he is Assistant Chief of Recovery at the Singapore Formula 1 race. 


Our Squad Masters all have full-time day jobs as Senior Executives or run their own company. It's how we make sure what we deliver is 100% relevant and up-to-date. When you talk to us about your challenges, we understand and you can leverage our experience of how we overcome them.

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