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Business Emergency Room

Business Emergency Room

Your business is in a crisis. You need help urgently from people that understand business and strategy and can show you a road forward.


Book a Emergeny Clinic session with our Master Squad.




- Pre-assessment survey so we can get a snapshot of where your business is at


- Clear agenda and structure for meeting


- Half day session with our Master Squad Process & Strategy (virtual)


- Full written report on our session, our findings and recommendations with at least 3 clear strategic actions you can take to you closer to your goal



    Within 24hrs of your purchase we will be in touch to set up your session. Our work together will start straight away with you reciving a questionaire to fill out before the session to help us get a good overview of your business. Finding the answers to these questions and thinking about them is an essential part of the process.  Only once the questionaire is complete can the clinic take place. 

    With the basics taken care of before our time together, we can focus on finding solutions for your during the session. 

    We know that as a business leader you are busy so we also offer slots after hours or on the weekend. We are located in Singapore but are happy to accommodate international time zones.


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